Sunday, March 29, 2009

Etsy Community Cookbook

Java Jess from javajesspublishing is offering a Free Cookbook Giveaway!
She is putting together an Etsy community cookbook.
If she includes your recipe in her book your shop will be featured in it and you will receive a free pdf ebook version of the cookbook.
All the details can be found here:
I've submitted my favorite recipe - Potato Pancakes.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Variations on Christmas Tapestry Doily

One may wonder why I mention Christmas in time of Spring and Easter. Well, Christmas Tapestry Doily is the original pattern designed in green, red and white colors. I have always been wanting to make it in different colors combination.
First time I've had a chance to do so for Thread Artists Team Color Artistic Challenge. I used navy blue, chambray and bridal blue colors. These are my favorite colors. The photo shows my Blue Tapestry Doily.

The next time has come when one of my customers required to have this pattern done in red, orange and golden yellow colors combination. And this is the result - Fiery Tapestry Doily.

I like to play with colors in my crochet projects. I'll be posting about it when I have them ready.