Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am the winner!!!

I like to enter giveaways (who doesn't?).
Not only to win the prize but to see new shops, visit new blogs; simply to get acquainted with other sellers.
Recently I've won not one but two prizes! I've just received them.

First one was given away by Elizabeth Ann White - a professional crochet designer. The prize consists of The Spring Crochet Basket full of crochet thread, Ann's own book with wonderful crochet patterns and even a crochet hook ! These prizes have a special value for me - they come directly from the author. It doesn't happen to often!
You can find Mrs. White at her Etsy shop BellaCrochet and her blog .

The second one was a photograph of a winner's choice given away by Emily from Etsy shop salchichatu.
I chose this one.
It was taken in January and Emily named it "Why are you blooming"...
She loves all visual art media, and hopes to have a good sampling of everything in her shop eventually, from photography to paintings.
You can find Emily on Twitter: .


Ann said...

I am so glad the prizes arived, Barbara. I know you are going to make some beautiful items with all the thread!

Dawn said...

Wow -- how wonderful to receive that basket of crochet-goodness!! Congrats!

Your work is beautiful and I was just giddy when I found your crochet blog!

Faith said...

Hi I just found you....just now..
love thread crochet myself....and looking for more crochet friends...I will come back and visit when I have more time...
beautiful doilies....caught my eye....